Happy Hump Day!

If I am honest with myself – I have struggled in the past to find my emotional place. Especially getting into a relationship with a man who is very logical! I know he is reading this – I love you!

Anyway, I was listening to a podcast (what’s new?) and in this podcast the speaker was talking about how to find your emotional place within yourself and facing your fears. Believe it or not one of peoples biggest fears today is losing their job as your job affects your living conditions, relationships, your psychology, and your experiences.

Losing your job is a massive problem – until you find yourself losing your money, a loved one, your house, a leg, or getting a type of cancer. Once you have lost one of those things, losing a job is a small problem.

Just 8% of millennials believe that their future will be more financially secure than their parents….just 8%! that’s pretty upsetting in my opinion.

This is all because of fear, millennials are scared for the future, I mean, I am too but the difference between me and others is that others believe that their situations control their lives – and yes they do, but only to a minimal extent…it’s what you do about those situations that determine your life!

In order to make positive changes in your life or changes that will enhance your situation, you have to change your emotional pattern.


  1. Identify where you live emotionally: do you identify with feeling overwhelmed, upset, guilty? There is no way you can change your life if that is how you identify emotionally.
  2. Once you find out where you are emotionally living: Find the solution, find the opposite. If frustration is where you live emotionally, happiness is the opposite.
  3. Practice the opposite, the emotion you would like to feel: don’t just practice it mentally, practice is physically! Emotion is created by the way we use our bodies. If you are frustrated you will clench your hands, clench your jaw, grind your teeth and if you are happy you will open your hands, relax your jaw and slightly open your mouth – so practice the behaviours of the emotion.
  4. Ask others what you do when you are feeling frustrated/happy or strong/fearful so you are away from an outsiders perspective and practice these actions 3 times a day


You may feel odd when standing up and relaxing your jaw on purpose or holding your head up high but trust me…it makes you feel powerful, and once you do this you will start to notice a new pattern in your body!


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