Relationships vs Millennials

Yesterday, I was at the gym, just finished my workout and decided to sit in the sauna to sweat it all out (yum)

While I was sitting in there, I came across a video on my facebook feed, so me being bored in the sauna I decided to watch it.

This video really resinated with me, and although I am in a great relationship and I couldn’t be happier, a lot of millennials and gen z’s are basically living through what this man was saying

This generation is now all about getting the perfect instagram shot to make it seem like you are living the most amazing life, all about trying to be ‘relationship goals’ with no real relationship or without the hard work of building a positive relationship.

We shop for soulmates like we shop for clothing, we read all these tips and tricks on buzzfeed on ‘how to make him like you’ ‘ways to find out if he likes you’ thinking we can create an individual to suit us and our wants and needs

We want that person to kiss and cuddle and sleep with and wake up to and send goodmorning and goodnight messages but when it comes to the hardships of life, we want nothing to do with them.

Investing more time into making our instagram feeds look beautiful than our own personalities, characteristics and goals.

Messaging eachother on tinder and instagram but when you meet up in person, all you can think of is looking down at your phone and attempting to make small talk.

We look for the perfect partner to only realise the perfect partner doesn’t exist – you have to find the perfection in them.

Individuals want the look of a relationship without the real hard work of a relationship, we want everything good that comes with a relationship but run when you are faced with challenges and downsides.

At the end of the day, theres nothing wrong with that, it’s how you choose to live your life.

However, I believe more people need to choose to live life full of real abundance, not half assed relationships where the person will forget about you in 2 weeks.


We are running out of time…and I want everyone to feel the happiness I do when the love of my life comes home to me, or when he supports me when i’m in his arms crying, or when he jumps around with me in excitement, or when I look over and when everything in my life seems to be turning to shit – he is next to me smiling

These are the moments that we are missing out on by having our heads stuck in our phones

It’s okay to not have it all figured out

So, similar to most other people, I went to school, graduated high school and enrolled in uni for wow almost 4 years (oh my gosh i’m getting old!)

From as long as I can remember, I was heavily involved in elite competitive gymnastics, for around 14 years! I went to school in the morning with 2 big bags, did my classes at school, took transport down to the gymnasium and did gymnastics for about 4-5 hours most nights of the week and during the day on weekends.

In between all of that, I would be at home studying, or watching movies with friends or…eating (haha).

In high school, yes I had a small group of friends but I have always been more of a independent person, I keep to myself, I am introverted and kinda just do my own thing and I still do that to this day.

In my final year, I LOVED business management and health and I also enjoyed media and taking photos and creating things and I thought ‘YES, I’m going to go to university, study business and become a huge real estate agent’ aha….4 years later i’ve done none of that.

The point is when you are a teenager and finishing high school, you think that you know everything and thats the honest truth!  but the world is SO much bigger than that! At 17 or 18 years old you’re still a baby and you will grow and mature and gain different interests, you will surround yourself with different individuals and have different and new experiences and thats what makes you…you. 17 years old is wayyyyy to young to decide what you want to do with your life, school doesn’t even teach you about life and you don’t find out until you’re out of there!!

What I’m trying to say in this post is that 4 years ago I saw myself doing something totally different, and here I am today, starting my own blog to help others – something I never saw myself doing!

School is not the be all and end all!

Sometimes life just throws things at you and you gotta take it by the horn and go with it!

I really hope this blog helps you, thats all I wanna do!

Let me know in the comments below any thoughts you have

I want to get to know all of you and stay connected


♥ Elissa


A bit about me

unnamed (13)

Here I am at 21 years old, sitting in my office at work in which I am definitely supposed to be doing work at, but I am lost.

These past 9 months of 2018, I have learnt a lot, from falling in love with the most amazing man, to leaving the nest for the first time and leaving my university degree for a month to travel across Europe, I sit here today after constant pondering of ‘what the hell am I doing?! and What the hell am I going to do with my life?’

For all our schooling years, we dread waking up early in the morning to spend a whole day at school where we are taught that after you finish high school you will magically know all the answers in the world and what you are going to become and well at least for me it didn’t end up working out like that.

Last night I cried to my boyfriend because I honestly have no idea what I am doing and I don’t wan’t to seem like a disappointment, and this morning on my way to this office where I sit every day, I cried on the phone to my mum because again, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING, I don’t know where my strengths are, I don’t know what I excel at but what I do know is that I like talking, and writing, and going to the gym and I do know that I want to be something BIG one day….but i’m really struggling to find what that is.

I also know that I have stuffed up in the past and made mistakes but every day I come to this office and no it is not the worst place in the world, and I am thankful to work here, but one thing I am certain on is that I look around this office and see tonnes of lifeless faces and individuals with no love and excitement in their life and in my life, I aim to do everything with love….after all, I do have that quote tattooed my body!

My wish is that this blog assists every other girl and guy out there who also has no idea what is going on, those that are working those full time jobs just because it pays your bills but you feel like your going no where and you don’t even enjoy what you are doing!

Life is too short to not enjoy it.

I am just a young girl trying to navigate my way through this thing called life and I know that a lot of other people are too.

So for all of you who are going through the ‘What the hell do I want to do with myself’ stage, I hope this helps you

Thank you for taking the time to read this and welcome to LostMillennial

  • Elissa