This year for me, has been one to test me! I have moved out of my comfort zone on many occasions where I have been shit scared and hey! I’m alive and well today and going through those experiences has built character for me.

Getting out of your comfort zone is an awesome thing even though it may be hard – but we all put that idea into our head! It’s all in the mind people!

Here I have found some comfort zone challenges that I want YOU to try – and believe me, I will be trying them too, cause, why not?

  1. Drive around – turn your music UP and have a dance at the traffic lights – this will make other people laugh!
  2. Take a really cold shower
  3. Jump into a pool / ocean with your clothes on
  4. Dress up in your nicest outfit, walk into a huge mansion and pretend to be rich
  5. Unplug from socials for 24 hours
  6. Make a fool of yourself on a night out on the dancefloor
  7. Go to a wedding your not invited to
  8. Go to the movies by yourself
  9. Say yes to something you don’t like doing
  10. Go to the airport and book the next flight out
  11. Next time you make eye contact with a stranger – keep the eye contact until they look away
  12. Wear an outfit that is different to your daily look
  13. Enrol in that fitness class or that dancing class that you’ve always wanted to do
  14. Take a selfie or a video in public
  15. Face rejection – have that conversation you’ve been putting off
  16. Eat by yourself at a fancy restaurant
  17. Go to a karaoke bar and sing like your the best singer

Once you have read the list – pick 5 that scare you and do them! and after you’ve done the first 5 that scare you, finish off the list.

Getting out of your comfort zone can help you

♥ Deal with fear a lot better

♥ Learn new things about yourself

♥ Be able to enjoy the silliest things and laugh

♥ Become more disciplined

♥ Meet new people

♥ Helps you become mentally tough

In the past week, i’ve started to take up boxing at the gym and even though i’ve never done it before and I was scared people at the gym would be looking at me cause im (probably) doing it wrong! I went to the gym and did it and I don’t care if people look at me!!

So get out there and give it a shot! have some fun and let loose! For most of these challenges, you will probably never see the other people again!!

Be sure to send me your results and thoughts!!



Last week, Will and I had a conversation about slowing down.

Lately, we have just been going going going and expecting so much from ourselves and each other.

Expecting to be in a better position in life

Expecting to have more savings

Expecting to have assets

Expecting to go to the gym and workout

Expecting to have a better job

Expecting to be fulfilled in every aspect of life

I am 21 and Will is 23 – at the age it’s only normal to expect yourself and your partner to be in so and so position.

We expect TOO much for ourselves

We work too hard, we stress too much, and we are not enjoying life.

I always talk about how to be present and in the moment and in all honesty – it’s hard! I have to make a conscious effort to be in the present moment because theres always expectations in the back of our mind

But how can we be fulfilled in life when we spend  50+ hours working?

Our priorities are SCREWED sometimes.

There is not such thing as perfection. When you think everything is perfect something comes up and screws you right up the butt. It’s up to you to find the perfection in what you do.

Relationships are not perfect – but it’s up to you to find and create the perfection in your relationship

Work is not perfect – but it’s up to you to create perfection by doing what you love

Life is not perfect! – but it’s up to you to create your own perfection in life

We live our lives thinking that nothing is wrong with the generic system of life – we think that the natural progression of humankind is to maximise efficiency, but if there is nothing wrong why are SO many people unhappy and filled with anxiety.

We are at a day and age where we burn with fury if our internet doesn’t load within 2 seconds, we are checking social media 25 times a day, we lose sleep over upcoming things.

We put pressure on ourselves because we have a certain expectation – get rid of the expectation and just live through it.

Our lives feels like a race because we compare ourselves to others, we look at others who are married, own a house or two, have kids, they are fit, they have their dream job.

Who says that’s what perfection is? Who says those people are happy? Who says this is security?

We are running a race that doesn’t exist.

What I learnt on the weekend is that certainty doesn’t exist – anything could happen at any point and we have to be prepared for pain to strike at anytime and if we are not prepared – we are going to fall flat on our ass.

By slowing down, quitting the race and lower our expectations – we are open to possibility, we are open to whatever gets thrown at us and we are prepared to deal with the seasons of life.




The past 10 months of this year have been a crazy, wild run for me! Full of laughter, tears, love, a rollercoaster of emotions, travelling, and massive life changes.

I left for a month, travelled across Europe with my partner, leaving everything I knew behind, I’ve gotten better at dealing with my emotions, i’ve become more confident, opened my mind, been through some CRAZY experiences, my writing is getting better and more people are reading it – and this year is not even over yet!

In order to have the BEST day ever, you don’t have to go on a wild adventure, or do something crazy.

At the start of this year, I made a conscious decision about what I wanted – and no, this was not a ‘new years resolution’, you can make a decision about what you want ANY day in the year.

I focused on how I wanted to feel, rather than what I wanted to do.

Once you do this, you will feel an emotional and physical change in yourself – you will become more present and influence others to be more present and happy, as they will feel the positivity you emit.


You don’t need to go skydiving to call it the best day ever. Your best day is your experience, and is unique to you!

My best days are often spending time with my loved ones, eating some delicious food, enjoying the sunshine, watching the sunset, and laughing until my stomach hurts, followed by realising that I am awesome in my own eyes after everything that I have accomplished.

Days will turn into weeks, will turn into months, will turn into years without you realising, and then one day you will be sitting down and everything will catch up to you and then you will become overwhelmed.


Yep – YOU need to break your own habits to reach your potential of having the BEST DAY EVER. 

Your best day is not about getting everything done, or being productive – it’s about living in the present moment, being grateful and whole with yourself.


Yes, you’re routine has gotten you to your position in life today – but, sometimes it’s good to break it up and do something DIFFERENT.

Okay, so i’ve had my best day already, but does that mean i’m content about it? NO. Do I stop now and say “Woo-Hoo Go Me” NO

My goal is to make everyday my best day.

When you have your best day – write it down, because it’s crazy how easily we forget about it!

When i’m having my best day, i’m feeling happy, confident, inspired, loved, relaxed and content all at once and it’s hard to put into words really

Now, I want YOU to go have your best day – Go and celebrate who you are and show everyone that you’re proud of yourself.




As children, we run around outside, make daisy chains, go for bike rides, play games and find wonders in picking up mud and finding insects (well, at least thats what I did when I was a kid, not sure about kids these days)

The point is, we use to run around without a care in the world, we had no concept of negativity and everything was beautiful and fun.

Now we are adults – faced with adulty things like paying bills, paying $1.80 for 1 litre of petrol, confused about what we are doing and on top of that we have negativity surrounding us most of the time – from judgy people, to self talk, to pessimists.

You don’t need to search far to find negativity now – just turn on the tv, and it’s right in front of you. Part of my purpose is to contribute positively whether it be to my relationships, my family, my work, or to the world.

Do I contribute positively in every aspect, every day? Probably not, but I aim for my best.


“You can’t do that”

“We have tried it already”

“It’s nice how optimistic you are”

“I will do it later”

“What if it doesn’t work”



“Don’t feed into that drama”

“If you don’t like something, change it”

“If you failed the first time, try harder the second”

“You will see results if you work for it”

“Everything can be improved”


  1. Surround yourself with positive people: Who in your life inspires you? Who uplifts you? Who challenges you? Spend time with them..
  2. Infuse yourself with positivity: Putting low performance fuel in your car will not help it go fast or run well..Read inspiring books, perform acts of kindness, post fun and inspiring quotes around your house
  3. Look for the positive: I’m gonna use a weird example here so just go with me…. You and your friend or boyfriend or girlfriend decide to go hiking, you can let it drain your life by knowing that it’s gonna take hours to get to the top, and it’s hot and your legs are gonna kill you or you can get excited because you’re getting a workout in, plus it’s a beautiful day, and the view at the top is gonna be AMAZING!! You decide how you wanna look at it..
  4. LAUGH & BE SILLY: People forget to laugh! People are so serious now, it’s quite saddening. When you go to the grocery store and you hear that oh so CORNY music, embarrass yourself and dance! when are you gonna see those people again? Probably NEVER! Laughing is the worlds best medicine!
  5. Disconnect: Put down your phone, close your laptop, go outside, look at the sky, feel the breeze – and no i’m not trying to be all spiritual right now. I genuinely mean it, recharge your batteries


Foster positivity in your life! but don’t expect every day to be amazing – you WILL have your down days and your bad days, and if you do happen to have one of those…

let it be! it’s normal