Want to know a big secret?


You’re probably thinking “Why would anyone want to do that”

Well…I don’t go to the gym to ‘look good’ I go to the gym because I LOVE IT! and workout out helps me relieve stress.

I want to start incorporating fitness into my blog more and I know a lot of millennials or just older adults in general don’t have the time to spend hours at the gym and would much rather work out in their own space at home.

Here are some things that I recommend and use basically every day at the gym to get in a hardcore workout and will have you burning at the end!


Resistance bands specifically work for activation – No matter what muscle you are working, it’s super important that you’re activating it using resistance bands. These babies help you build muscle AND tone up! If you want to grow the booty and get rid of inner/outer thigh fat – this thing is your BEST FRIEND, like seriously, go and get this right now.


These balls work with almost every exercise and body part! Lunges, squats, cardio, core, arms, booty, legs. This piece of equipment is the simplest and most effective way for training to lose weight and build strength and plus….throwing a ball super hard against the wall or the floor is pretty satisfying!


After a broken wrist AND elbow – this thing is my saviour in the gym. If you get sore wrists or elbows from doing pushups, planks and other abdominal exercises this baby gives you amazing support PLUS you won’t go slipping everywhere which is always a plus


You can literally do any exercise you want with these straps, they are so versatile and anybody can use them no matter what level your at. TRX straps engage your WHOLE body. You can perform more than 300 exercise on this thing and you can do it from ANYWHERE YOU WANT! I know you want this! Go and get it! don’t be scared!


Yes! You read that correctly! These goodies are SOOOOO YUM!! AND HEALTHY! You can take them for lunch, a snack, dessert and a post workout snack!


I don’t generally believe that you need to have dumbbells or kettle bells to do a good workout – in fact, I RARELY use these! and if you are working out at home, you can easily find some food cans or your dog to lift up if you need some weight!

Soon I’ll be posting some workouts you can do with these pieces of equipment you can do at home AND in the gym!





Deja Vu: a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.

This morning I was feeling a little off.

I had a bad dream last night, and usually I NEVER remember my dreams, but this morning I remembered and my dream involved my mum getting sick – which is never a good thing.

I woke up, told Will about my dream, then continued on to have coffee, make breakfast and do my usual morning things, but there was something still off, I didn’t know what it was but I know that I wasn’t feeling myself.

Today, I decided to go to work with Will to keep him company.

Keep in mind – he works in a Display Home.

Around 2:00 my phone rang and it was my mum, I answered the phone “Helllooooooooo” and the response I get “I had an accident” WHAT?! YOU HAD AN ACCIDENT?! ARE YOU OKAY? WHAT HAPPENED? IS DAD HOME?!

“I fell down the stairs” she replied to me.

After panicking and making sure she was okay, Will and I continued with the day and Will kept asking me “do you want to go home” “No” I replied, “It’s okay, she’s okay”.

About an hour passed and Will told me he was going to the bathroom, I don’t know what it was but something told me to get up and walk into the kitchen area of the house where I found Will talking on the phone, I continued to walk into the study room and was just looking around.

At this point – I realised I had some Deja Vu happening to me, I let it be and didn’t force myself to do anything different.

Will was about 4 meters to my right

I remember walking into the study area of that house..I felt like I had done it before. Now keep in mind I have never been in this house before but I remembered every detail from the colour of the blinds next to me, to the decorations in the room, to the movement of my fingertips.

I opened this random book sitting on the table of this desk in the study, flip through the pages and stop at this one page – Keep in mind, I’m still experiencing Deja Vu

The book reads…

‘I fell down the stairs’

At this point, after experiencing my mum calling me saying “I fell down the stairs”

I literally turned my head to look at Will and I was in SHOCK

I don’t know what just happened to me – I had a dream about my mum being sick, she called me telling me she fell down the stairs and I just happened to open a book and read ‘I fell down the stairs’


Yes, I have experienced Deja Vu before, but nothing like deja vu where I am re living a moment but also where a series of events occur and I just ‘happen’ to open a book and literally read the same thing that just happened.

I personally believe that Deja Vu is NOT scientific and it is some sort of glitch in the matrix.

Us humans, are capable of so many things that we are not aware of.

Today was a super scary day for me, when I was experiencing this Deja Vu, I felt like I was out of my body, it literally gives me goosebumps…

Things like this do not happen just by chance, they are something bigger..

What’s your scariest Deja Vu experience? Let me know!!




Yesterday, I was in my office and my University sent me an email to re – enrol for next year. My current university status is ‘deferred’ because I went travelling.

Whilst I was overseas I experienced the whole ‘find myself’ thing and although I was having mild internal turmoil while I was away, I realised that I LOVE writing, I could write for hours and well…studying commerce doesn’t equate to content creating.

Yesterday I received the enrolment email and questioned my drive to go back and study Commerce, because, well..I have 0 interest in analytics and accounting and law and i’ve decided that I want to do a uni degree that is more to my talents like Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)

My brain went into over drive and my mind turned into clutter once I realised all of the things I had to do before I was able to transfer uni degree into Public Relations.


Many people relate mind clutter to having a bad day so they just drink some water and get over it and it’s very important to remember that if your mind isn’t functioning properly…nothing will

It’s totally normal to have days where you’re not thinking properly, however, if you are always experiencing mind clutter and are unable to focus – theres probably a reason why.


  1. Stress
  2. Lack of sleep
  3. Mess
  4. Fear


  1. Exercising: exercising stimulates endorphins – the bodies natural pain killers and mood elevators
  2. Adequate sleep (8-9 hours): establish a bed time ritual – sleep is the most important one of all! If you are having trouble relaxing and sleeping – THIS is made for you!!
  3. Eat healthy: foods like whole grains, protein, berries and vegetables can improve your mood and give you long lasting energy to get through the day
  4. Organise your space: Organisation provides a sense of ease and peace of mind


Take a deep breath, put away your phone, close your laptop.

Try not to look into it too much, as most of the time, your mind clutter can be as simple as your messy room.



Happy Hump Day!

If I am honest with myself – I have struggled in the past to find my emotional place. Especially getting into a relationship with a man who is very logical! I know he is reading this – I love you!

Anyway, I was listening to a podcast (what’s new?) and in this podcast the speaker was talking about how to find your emotional place within yourself and facing your fears. Believe it or not one of peoples biggest fears today is losing their job as your job affects your living conditions, relationships, your psychology, and your experiences.

Losing your job is a massive problem – until you find yourself losing your money, a loved one, your house, a leg, or getting a type of cancer. Once you have lost one of those things, losing a job is a small problem.

Just 8% of millennials believe that their future will be more financially secure than their parents….just 8%! that’s pretty upsetting in my opinion.

This is all because of fear, millennials are scared for the future, I mean, I am too but the difference between me and others is that others believe that their situations control their lives – and yes they do, but only to a minimal extent…it’s what you do about those situations that determine your life!

In order to make positive changes in your life or changes that will enhance your situation, you have to change your emotional pattern.


  1. Identify where you live emotionally: do you identify with feeling overwhelmed, upset, guilty? There is no way you can change your life if that is how you identify emotionally.
  2. Once you find out where you are emotionally living: Find the solution, find the opposite. If frustration is where you live emotionally, happiness is the opposite.
  3. Practice the opposite, the emotion you would like to feel: don’t just practice it mentally, practice is physically! Emotion is created by the way we use our bodies. If you are frustrated you will clench your hands, clench your jaw, grind your teeth and if you are happy you will open your hands, relax your jaw and slightly open your mouth – so practice the behaviours of the emotion.
  4. Ask others what you do when you are feeling frustrated/happy or strong/fearful so you are away from an outsiders perspective and practice these actions 3 times a day


You may feel odd when standing up and relaxing your jaw on purpose or holding your head up high but trust me…it makes you feel powerful, and once you do this you will start to notice a new pattern in your body!


Any questions or comments related to this post?

Let me know!




Last night, I was talking with my boyfriend and we were having a pretty deep conversation.

We started talking about plans for our wedding (no, i’m not engaged…yet) but we were just throwing around some ideas and somehow we got on to the topic about how life goes so fast.

Now I don’t want to sound so cliche but my biggest fear is time..

There is never enough time in the world. Try to think about your childhood – not a lot of people remember their childhood in detail, I know I don’t.

I remember going to school, I remember starting and finishing school but I don’t remember what experiences I went through that make me who I am today.

I said to Will last night “it’s sad you know…..because at one point in our lives something would have been so exciting and meant so much but now we don’t remember what it was”

I felt like just yesterday it was my 16th birthday, just yesterday that I was starting high school and just yesterday I was playing with mud in my backyard and here I am today and everything that happened between now and then is a blur!

People these days are so dependent on social media.

In my house, I have photo albums on top of photo albums of my childhood and my parents lives before I was born and the sad truth is that people now don’t document anything! They post on their social media accounts or upload photos to Instagram of their experiences – but they forget that one day you might lose all of those photos, or those accounts will get deleted and by the time they are 30 or 50 or 70 they will have no recollection or memories of important things they experienced.

Will and I take photos of everything, yes, we post them on social media – but we also print out a lot of the significant things that we go through.

We create photo albums, write in notebooks and we do this because one day…..we will be 50 and we will be 70 years old, and I promise you – we will look at each other and say “Where did all the time go?” but we will have those photo albums of ‘the days when we were in our 20’s’ living life and we will have the albums of my parents, us travelling, and the albums of us buying our first home and decorating it and the album of us getting married, becoming pregnant and our children growing up – and we can show our kids, look back at them ourselves and remember what an amazing journey we have had.

Because life just passes us by and in a blink of an eye we will be 70 years old!

Do me a favour – start living in the present more, don’t worry about Instagram followers or likes, because one day – in the blink of an eye, all of it will be gone and you will have nothing to remember.