Todays post goes back to the concept of this blog and the name of this site….


Lately, I haven’t been writing cause i’ve just been thinking of a couple of things… 

University right? 

The expectation is to go to uni, study something you love, graduate in 2 years and go work in that field and be on top of the world and earn all the money in the world..

I don’t know about you but it definitely didn’t go that way for me..I went to uni for 4 YEARS!!! 4 YEARS I WILL NEVER GET BACK and just now i’m starting to realise what I want to do with myself. 

I know that I am a smart person, I am creative, I know my numbers, I know my english and writing skills and I know my business skills – I know that going to uni and wasting my life away at something that I don’t want to do just to get an A3 piece of paper, does NOT make me a smart or successful person and if that is your belief…then, I hate to tell you but you are limiting your potential and your own self belief..

Even though it took me 4 years out of high school, I have just now realised that I have my own unique talents…everyone does!

It’s just up to you to find that, and I promise you, you won’t find it if you force it or are scared to find it.

Earlier this year, I wanted to start my own business…but I didn’t, I was scared about money, I was scared that my idea wasn’t good enough and that I wouldn’t make it. I went to Europe and said to myself “as soon as I get back, I’m gonna start it”….and guess what?! 

I still didn’t start it.

And the other day, I just did it – without planning, without thinking I registered my business name and got to work. 

I know i’m going to make mistakes while doing this, I know it won’t be perfect but that doesn’t scare me….what scares me is going to university just go to university and come out with a degree that I don’t care about and then end up in some job that I hate and probably isn’t even relevant to my degree, for what? just to wallow away and say I coulda, shoulda, woulda?  HELL TO THE NO. 

The point is..

GO AND DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO…TAKE THE RISK! Don’t focus on everything that can go wrong, focus on everything that could go right!!

You take risks every day, crossing the road is taking a risk – so what’s stopping you from taking this risk?

You have your own talents that you can offer the world, don’t be scared to take the risk! Life is full of risks and if you don’t take it…

you could be missing out on something beautiful!! 

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