This year for me, has been one to test me! I have moved out of my comfort zone on many occasions where I have been shit scared and hey! I’m alive and well today and going through those experiences has built character for me.

Getting out of your comfort zone is an awesome thing even though it may be hard – but we all put that idea into our head! It’s all in the mind people!

Here I have found some comfort zone challenges that I want YOU to try – and believe me, I will be trying them too, cause, why not?

  1. Drive around – turn your music UP and have a dance at the traffic lights – this will make other people laugh!
  2. Take a really cold shower
  3. Jump into a pool / ocean with your clothes on
  4. Dress up in your nicest outfit, walk into a huge mansion and pretend to be rich
  5. Unplug from socials for 24 hours
  6. Make a fool of yourself on a night out on the dancefloor
  7. Go to a wedding your not invited to
  8. Go to the movies by yourself
  9. Say yes to something you don’t like doing
  10. Go to the airport and book the next flight out
  11. Next time you make eye contact with a stranger – keep the eye contact until they look away
  12. Wear an outfit that is different to your daily look
  13. Enrol in that fitness class or that dancing class that you’ve always wanted to do
  14. Take a selfie or a video in public
  15. Face rejection – have that conversation you’ve been putting off
  16. Eat by yourself at a fancy restaurant
  17. Go to a karaoke bar and sing like your the best singer

Once you have read the list – pick 5 that scare you and do them! and after you’ve done the first 5 that scare you, finish off the list.

Getting out of your comfort zone can help you

♥ Deal with fear a lot better

♥ Learn new things about yourself

♥ Be able to enjoy the silliest things and laugh

♥ Become more disciplined

♥ Meet new people

♥ Helps you become mentally tough

In the past week, i’ve started to take up boxing at the gym and even though i’ve never done it before and I was scared people at the gym would be looking at me cause im (probably) doing it wrong! I went to the gym and did it and I don’t care if people look at me!!

So get out there and give it a shot! have some fun and let loose! For most of these challenges, you will probably never see the other people again!!

Be sure to send me your results and thoughts!!



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