Deja Vu: a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.

This morning I was feeling a little off.

I had a bad dream last night, and usually I NEVER remember my dreams, but this morning I remembered and my dream involved my mum getting sick – which is never a good thing.

I woke up, told Will about my dream, then continued on to have coffee, make breakfast and do my usual morning things, but there was something still off, I didn’t know what it was but I know that I wasn’t feeling myself.

Today, I decided to go to work with Will to keep him company.

Keep in mind – he works in a Display Home.

Around 2:00 my phone rang and it was my mum, I answered the phone “Helllooooooooo” and the response I get “I had an accident” WHAT?! YOU HAD AN ACCIDENT?! ARE YOU OKAY? WHAT HAPPENED? IS DAD HOME?!

“I fell down the stairs” she replied to me.

After panicking and making sure she was okay, Will and I continued with the day and Will kept asking me “do you want to go home” “No” I replied, “It’s okay, she’s okay”.

About an hour passed and Will told me he was going to the bathroom, I don’t know what it was but something told me to get up and walk into the kitchen area of the house where I found Will talking on the phone, I continued to walk into the study room and was just looking around.

At this point – I realised I had some Deja Vu happening to me, I let it be and didn’t force myself to do anything different.

Will was about 4 meters to my right

I remember walking into the study area of that house..I felt like I had done it before. Now keep in mind I have never been in this house before but I remembered every detail from the colour of the blinds next to me, to the decorations in the room, to the movement of my fingertips.

I opened this random book sitting on the table of this desk in the study, flip through the pages and stop at this one page – Keep in mind, I’m still experiencing Deja Vu

The book reads…

‘I fell down the stairs’

At this point, after experiencing my mum calling me saying “I fell down the stairs”

I literally turned my head to look at Will and I was in SHOCK

I don’t know what just happened to me – I had a dream about my mum being sick, she called me telling me she fell down the stairs and I just happened to open a book and read ‘I fell down the stairs’


Yes, I have experienced Deja Vu before, but nothing like deja vu where I am re living a moment but also where a series of events occur and I just ‘happen’ to open a book and literally read the same thing that just happened.

I personally believe that Deja Vu is NOT scientific and it is some sort of glitch in the matrix.

Us humans, are capable of so many things that we are not aware of.

Today was a super scary day for me, when I was experiencing this Deja Vu, I felt like I was out of my body, it literally gives me goosebumps…

Things like this do not happen just by chance, they are something bigger..

What’s your scariest Deja Vu experience? Let me know!!



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