Last night, I was talking with my boyfriend and we were having a pretty deep conversation.

We started talking about plans for our wedding (no, i’m not engaged…yet) but we were just throwing around some ideas and somehow we got on to the topic about how life goes so fast.

Now I don’t want to sound so cliche but my biggest fear is time..

There is never enough time in the world. Try to think about your childhood – not a lot of people remember their childhood in detail, I know I don’t.

I remember going to school, I remember starting and finishing school but I don’t remember what experiences I went through that make me who I am today.

I said to Will last night “it’s sad you know…..because at one point in our lives something would have been so exciting and meant so much but now we don’t remember what it was”

I felt like just yesterday it was my 16th birthday, just yesterday that I was starting high school and just yesterday I was playing with mud in my backyard and here I am today and everything that happened between now and then is a blur!

People these days are so dependent on social media.

In my house, I have photo albums on top of photo albums of my childhood and my parents lives before I was born and the sad truth is that people now don’t document anything! They post on their social media accounts or upload photos to Instagram of their experiences – but they forget that one day you might lose all of those photos, or those accounts will get deleted and by the time they are 30 or 50 or 70 they will have no recollection or memories of important things they experienced.

Will and I take photos of everything, yes, we post them on social media – but we also print out a lot of the significant things that we go through.

We create photo albums, write in notebooks and we do this because one day…..we will be 50 and we will be 70 years old, and I promise you – we will look at each other and say “Where did all the time go?” but we will have those photo albums of ‘the days when we were in our 20’s’ living life and we will have the albums of my parents, us travelling, and the albums of us buying our first home and decorating it and the album of us getting married, becoming pregnant and our children growing up – and we can show our kids, look back at them ourselves and remember what an amazing journey we have had.

Because life just passes us by and in a blink of an eye we will be 70 years old!

Do me a favour – start living in the present more, don’t worry about Instagram followers or likes, because one day – in the blink of an eye, all of it will be gone and you will have nothing to remember.


6 thoughts on “MY BIGGEST FEAR.”

  1. This blog post touched my heart. It reminded me not think so much about getting many likes and followers rather I have to think about the present moment, “What can I do at this moment? What can I improve more for my blog? How can I make an impact to someone’s life?” Thank you. I will try not to waste any moment thinking of what could go wrong but START THINKING WHAT COULD GO RIGHT.


  2. I’ve been totally feeling this way too. I’m going to start Screenless Saturdays (an idea from The Minimalists) and I’m hoping it helps break some habits and be more present 🙂


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