Today, I had to go to my local westfield shopping centre because I had to buy a new wallet..I know what you are thinking!!

“Did you really need a new wallet or did you just want one?”

To answer your question…yes, yes I did need a new one! My old was was about 5 years old and had rips everywhere…..RIP.

ANYWAY! Back to the story..

I was at my local westfield, and this place is the place where I worked for about 5 years of my life and went to – I managed to get out this year and hardly go there anymore.

Being back at my old stomping ground…I saw many familiar faces, still in the same job, wearing the same thing, talking about the same thing and so on.

Every time I go to westfield to do shopping, or get lunch or movies or whatever it is – I always try to say hey to my old friends and see how they are going and one thing that always ends up being the conversation is about the work politics, or the gossip, or how they are still in the same job and the job they are in is full of drama and they never get time off and I think people tend to forget that the power is in their hands to CHANGE

You don’t like where you are in your career? Change it

You don’t like your relationship? Okay, find a new one

You don’t like your body? Okay, get into the gym

You don’t like what you are studying? Study something else

We seem to fail to remember that we are in control of our lives and that we can change things

Instead of changing, we complain, we vent, we gossip, we ponder and we annoy other people with our own problems and it’s great that we talk about all the things we’d like to change, however we tend to struggle to actually take the action and change it.

Set yourself up with a process that will allow you to progress


People tend to try something different ‘just for a change’ but then as soon as they hit a downfall – they give up on it!

Give up the idea that just trying something will change your life, you have to immerse yourself into it and commit yourself!

I remember when I was in Europe earlier this year and I was in Santorini cliff jumping and this cliff was HUGE! I was so scared to jump off it cause I thought I would die and my boyfriend said to me “JUST JUMP!” “TAKE THE LEAP!” and I always think about this and relate it to many aspects of my life. I jumped off the cliff, I took the leap and it was the best thing ever!! it felt so good and free and hey….i’m still alive today

So to whoever is reading this and is scared of change, scared of doing something different….TAKE THE LEAP…it’s worth it.

trust me.

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