So, I had a bit of writers block the last 2 weeks, I was going through some stuff in my personal life with trying to balance work, money, gym, and life in general.

As I was going through this stuff, and managed to come out of it (thankgod), self care has been on my mind lately, and I’ve been trying to be more mindful in taking care of….myself.

I’ve always been the kind of person who manages to do a million things at once, while going to the gym, eating properly, sleeping properly – but as I quickly learnt, this is not a sustainable or healthy way of living and whilst I thought I was being healthy, my mind was drowning in thoughts – which definitely isn’t healthy.

Going off 7 hours sleep, managing my day job, working out, cleaning the house, maintaining a healthy relationship while there were changes happening – I WAS EXHAUSTED.

And no, I’m not about to talk about how I felt one with myself and started doing yoga but if that is your way of self care – go for it!

For all those who want to start practicing regular self care – here are a few things I learnt when I was going through my own crisis.



Everyone thinks “self care? Retail Therapy!” , “Go buy those shoes that you want!”, “It’s Friyayyyyy, lets get drunk!”

You see, self care is very very different to treating yourself – Treating yourself is allowing yourself to get a quick fix for the moment then go back home and feel shit about yourself and still feel overwhelmed. Self care is more of a regular basis thing which results in you feeling relaxed and taken care of – not crisis mode.

Self care is not a cure, self care is an ongoing thing. It’s about slowing down, taking that time for yourself, making sure all of you (physical, mental and emotional) is taken care of. When I practice self care, I slow down, I listen to Tony Robbins, I spend time alone, I spend time with my boyfriend, I turn off my phone.


No, self care is not about doing things that make you happy! what?! nope…sorry guys!

Self care is about practicing things in your daily life that will make you more successful, it’s about doing what you need to do in order to feel accomplished and whole.

This includes, setting your do to list, doing that workout, feeding your mind and body with positivity. Feeding your mind is a huge thing and I may write another blog on that in the future……..

The point is, while some people can run for 10 miles straight – others may only be able to run for 2 miles. Ditch the comparison, stop keeping up with everyone else and you do you, boo!


What do you guys think about self care? what are some things you practice to get your mind back in the game?

Let me know below!!!

♥ Elissa

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