Relationships vs Millennials

Yesterday, I was at the gym, just finished my workout and decided to sit in the sauna to sweat it all out (yum)

While I was sitting in there, I came across a video on my facebook feed, so me being bored in the sauna I decided to watch it.

This video really resinated with me, and although I am in a great relationship and I couldn’t be happier, a lot of millennials and gen z’s are basically living through what this man was saying

This generation is now all about getting the perfect instagram shot to make it seem like you are living the most amazing life, all about trying to be ‘relationship goals’ with no real relationship or without the hard work of building a positive relationship.

We shop for soulmates like we shop for clothing, we read all these tips and tricks on buzzfeed on ‘how to make him like you’ ‘ways to find out if he likes you’ thinking we can create an individual to suit us and our wants and needs

We want that person to kiss and cuddle and sleep with and wake up to and send goodmorning and goodnight messages but when it comes to the hardships of life, we want nothing to do with them.

Investing more time into making our instagram feeds look beautiful than our own personalities, characteristics and goals.

Messaging eachother on tinder and instagram but when you meet up in person, all you can think of is looking down at your phone and attempting to make small talk.

We look for the perfect partner to only realise the perfect partner doesn’t exist – you have to find the perfection in them.

Individuals want the look of a relationship without the real hard work of a relationship, we want everything good that comes with a relationship but run when you are faced with challenges and downsides.

At the end of the day, theres nothing wrong with that, it’s how you choose to live your life.

However, I believe more people need to choose to live life full of real abundance, not half assed relationships where the person will forget about you in 2 weeks.


We are running out of time…and I want everyone to feel the happiness I do when the love of my life comes home to me, or when he supports me when i’m in his arms crying, or when he jumps around with me in excitement, or when I look over and when everything in my life seems to be turning to shit – he is next to me smiling

These are the moments that we are missing out on by having our heads stuck in our phones

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